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Louisville & Nashville Evans Auto-Loader w/ Corvettes

1901320 LOTS 2019 L&N Auto Loader-Profile

Louisville & Nashville (L&N), and Chevrolet Corvette enthusiasts -- check out the latest offering from LOTS! For 2019, to commemorate our 40th Annual Convention being held in Kentucky, LOTS is offering the classic, ever-popular Lionel Evans Auto-Loader car carrier with four Road Signature die-cast 1:43 1957 Chevrolet Corvettes. The beautiful convertible Corvettes (two red/white and two red/black) from the Bowling Green, KY Corvette production plant will be carefully loaded and shipped to your railyard via the historic Louisville and Nashville railroad.  This handsome set of automobiles and LOTS' uniquely-designed auto carrier will be a valued addition to your train consists. Sure to be conversation starters on everyone's layout or shelves! The red colored flatcar has die-cast sprung metal trucks, operating couplers, and is 10 " long.                      

   IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Road Signature cars are included, but will be packaged separately from the Lionel car. Please notify the Business Office if your shipping address changes between the time you order the car and the anticipated shipping date of November 2019! 

Deadline to Order: March 15, 2019       Delivery: November 2019

SPECIAL OFFER - Order one L&N Auto-Loader and purchase the V&T Mint & Zephyr Box car (pictured on the back cover of this issue of SWITCHER) for $60 each. 

All cars other than the L&N Auto-Loader will ship 5-7 business days after your order is processed.

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