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LOTS' Club Car Collection &
Special Commemoratives

Pictured below are each of the LOTS Convention Cars and other commemoratives. 
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1980 Convention Car

1980: 360 #9414 Cotton Belt boxcars were overstamped to commemorate the
1st LOTS Convention, in Little Rock.

1982 Convention Car

1982: 150 #9620-series sports boxcars were redecorated by PVP for the 3rd Annual Convention in Kalamazoo, to create the #80948 Michigan Central boxcar.
(NBT designator "505-1204").

1984 Convention Car

1984: 225 #9600 series Hi-Cube boxcars were repainted as PRR #121315 for the LOTS 5th Annual Convention in Pittsburgh.
(NBT number 705-1333").

1986 Convention Car

1986: 450 #6211 C&O gondolas were overstamped with and added over/under score line around the number for the 7th LOTS Convention in Philadelphia. The load includes two blue canisters and a bag of coal. They have one fixed coupler. (NBT number "306-1437").

1987 Convention Car

1987: 450 #6314 3-dome tank cars were redecorated as DOWX #38356 Dow Chemical Co. industrial tank cars, for the 8th Annual Convention in Tulsa. It is the last of the LOTS car series made outside the Lionel factory.
NBT designator is "705-1453". 

1989 10th Anniversary Engine

1989: 400 #8805 Union Pacific RS-3 diesel switchers were made by Lionel for LOTS's 10th anniversary. The piece differs from regular production by the addition of a red LOTS placard on the cab. (Lionel #18890).

1990 Convention Car

1990: 1215 #298011 Baltimore & Ohio double-door boxcars with End-Of-Train Device were produced by Lionel for LOTS' 11th National Convention in Baltimore. This was LOTS' first car to exceed 1,000 in orders. (Lionel #17882). 

1992 Convention Car

1992: 1272 Western Pacific #1952 Standard O boxcars were made by Lionel for the 13th annual convention in Modesto, Calif. This is LOTS' first Standard O car
(Lionel #19960).

1981 Convention Car

1981: 300 #7700-series woodside reefers (acquired from the Tobacco Road set) were redecorated as #3764 E. Kahn's Sons Co. reefers for the 2nd Annual Convention in Cincinnati. 124 red roof and ends; 176 brown roof end ends (NBT designator "605-1160").

1983 Convention Car

1983: 200 #6111 L&N covered quad hoppers were overstamped by PVP for the club's 4th Annual Convention at New Orleans.
The car includes a molded coal load.
(NBT designator "306-1268").

1985 Convention Car

1985: 300 Tootsie Roll single-dome tank cars were redecorated by PVP as SCHX #303 Stauffer Chemical Company tankers, for the 6th LOTS Convention in St. Louis. (NBT designator "705-1391").

1986 Meet Car

1986:  47 #9600-series Hi-Cube boxcars were redecorated by PVP as SNCT #1223 Seattle and North Coast boxcars, to mark LOTS' 2nd annual Seattle train meet. It is the only LOTS meet car made, and is the most difficult of all LOTS production to obtain. There is no NBT designator on this car.

1988 Convention Car

1988: 500 #59629 Milwaukee Road log carriers were produced by Lionel Trains, Inc. for the club's 9th Annual Convention in Seattle. The logs were barked and had securing chains. This was the first car made for LOTS completely by Lionel. (Lionel #17874)

1989 Convention Car

1989: 800 #1289 Port Huron & Detroit boxcars were produced by Lionel for the club's 10th National Convention in Dearborn, MI. (Lionel #17875).

1991 Convention Car

1991: 1350 TTGX #151161 CSX covered auto carriers were produced by Lionel for the 12th annual convention in Dayton, OH.
(Lionel #17890).

1994 15th Anniversary Car

1994: 1785 Burlington Northern #637500 (C) single-unit articulated TTUX flat cars with CN trailer were made by Lionel to commemorate LOTS' 15th anniversary. It is also the fifth and last piece of the BN set, matching 52014 and 52041. (Lionel #52042).

1993 Convention Cars

1993: 1725 Burlington Northern #637500 (A&B) articulated TTUX flatcars with NW trailers were produced by Lionel for the 14th National Convention in Ft. Wayne. These were the first two units of the club's unique green BN Intermodal Service TTUX set, which eventually included five pieces (see 1994 entries). The NW trailers are also individually numbered. (Lionel #52014). 

1994 Convention Cars

1994: 1900 Burlington Northern #637500 (D&E) articulated TTUX flatcars with Conrail Mercury trailers were produced by Lionel for LOTS' 15th National Convention in New Brunswick, NJ. These were the second two units in the BN set started by the 52014 cars the year before. Graphics on the car are different on each side, and the trailers are individually numbered. (Lionel catalogue No. 52041).

1994: 1000 LOTS Tractor-Trailer units with CN Intermodal Laser Service #197993 trailer were produced by Lionel for the New Jersey Convention. The trailer here is identical to the one on the 52042 single TTUX car, except it is sequentially numbered. (Lionel #52048).   

1995 Convention Car

1995: 1365 BRDX #50240 Burlington Route operating ice cars were made by Lionel for the LOTS 16th Annual Convention in Chicago. This was LOTS first operating car, and the first one made for any club. There were 224 original sets of ice cubes made for those members who attended the annual convention. In addition, five sets were used to test colors. (Lionel #52067).

1997 Convention Car

1997: 1575 PPLX #297 Pennsylvania Power & Light 3-bay Standard O hoppers with coal load were made for the 18th LOTS Convention in Scranton, PA. (Lionel #16813).

1998 Meet Car (Weaver)

1998: 310 #7598 Santa Fe "San Diegan" Fast Mail Express 40-foot boxcars were produced for LOTS by Weaver and over stamped by GENCO with notes about the Convention hotel.

1996 Convention Car

996: 1200 GTW #315060 Grand Trunk 2-bay ACF standard O hoppers were produced by Lionel for LOTS' 17th Annual Convention in Boston. (Lionel #16812). 

1998 Convention Car

1998: 1100 SFRD #22739 Santa Fe reefers were produced by Lionel for LOTS' 19th Annual Convention in San Diego. This car has different graphics on each side.
(Lionel #52135).

1999 Convention Car

1999: 1100 GM&O #24580 Gulf, Mobile & Ohio double-door boxcars were produced by Lionel for the LOTS 20th annual Convention in Mobile, AL. (Lionel #52162).

2000 Convention Car

2000: 1700 CP Rail #524115 Maxistack Cars with trailers were produced for LOTS by Lionel in association with the club's 21st Annual Convention in Detroit, MI. The trailers include one with the CP System map and one with the "sleeping bear" logo. This car was made in conjunction with the joint LOTS-LCCA meet in Dearborn and matches the LCCA's convention car for that year. (Lionel #52196).

2001 Extra Car

2001: 700 National Aquarium boxcars decorated with National Aquarium logo to celebrate the club's 22nd Annual Convention in Baltimore, MD. The National Aquarium is located in the Baltimore Inner Harbor. (Lionel #52260)

2001 Convention Car

2001: 900 Western Maryland F-9 Well Cars with specially-designed transformer load made out of pewter, to mark the club's 22nd Annual Convention in Baltimore, MD. Car was sold with only one transformer load with the option to buy an extra one after delivery. (Lionel #52234)

2002 Convention Car

2002: 900 Schlitz Reefer refrigerator cars were produced by Lionel commemorating the beer manufacturing industry of Milwaukee, WI, the site of the club's 23rd Annual Convention. (Lionel #52261)

2002 Extra Car

2002: 700 LOTS "More Precious than Gold" Mint cars were produced showing how valuable a LOTS convention car collection is to aLOTS' member. Pictures of past LOTS convention cars are seen as they were produced in little Lionel boxes through the clear sides of the car. (Lionel #52280)

2003 Meet Car

2003: 700 Patriotic Tank cars were produced in Standard O scale paying tribute to all those who have struggled and sacrificed to give us the gifts of liberty and freedom. (Lionel 52309)

2004 Extra Car

2004: 1,080 Silver Ore Cars one numbered 1979 and 2004 to commemorate the year LOTS was founded and the LOTS' 25th Anniversary
540 of each.(Lionel #52359 and #52360)

Convention Car 2006

2006: 600 D&H Covered PS2 Cement Hopper were produced by Lionel to commemorate our 27th Annual Convention in Saratoga Springs, NY.  (Lionel #52346)


2006: 700 Touring Layout Cars were produced by Lionel. The cars on the revolving strip are cars issued by LOTS. (Lionel #52419).

2007 Meet Car

2007: 300 Alpenrose Dairy Milk Cars (2007 Meet Car). Members who registered for the Convention received a matching die-cast pick up truck with a tarp and silver milk cans decorated by Bill Allen of The Ink Well. (Lionel 52456)

2008 Meet Car

2008: 300 Studebaker Parts Boxcars were produced by Lionel at the LOTS 2008 Meet Car. (Lionel #52506)

2009 Convention Car

2009: 500 NC&StL Boxcars were offered the LOTS' 30th Annual Convention in Chattanooga, TN. (Lionel #52550)

2009 Extra Car

2009: 700 Tennessee Aquarium Cars were offered commemorating our time in Chattanooga and our 30th Anniversary. The fish on the fish strip inside the car are actual pictures of fish from the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga, TN. (Lionel #52553). 

2010 Meet Car

2010: 300 NH Yankee Clipper cars were issued as our 2010 Meet Car. (Lionel #62280)


2011: 550 Robin Hood Beer Double-Sheathed Boxcars were produced by Lionel commemorating our 32nd Annual Convention in Omaha, NE. (Lionel #52580).


2012: 349 TOFC blanks were ordered from Lionel and decorated by Weaver with the Kodak graphics as the LOTS 2012 Meet Car. Each car came with a "Certificate of Limited Edition" (Lionel #58538)

2013 Ore Cars FINAL

2013: 350 Virginia and Truckee Ores cars were offered to LOTS Members as our 2013 Meet Car. (Lionel #58558 and #58559)

062813 6-58575-LOTS-Heinz-BC #6 croped

2014: 700 H.J. Heinz Double-Sheathed Standard O boxcars cars were offered to LOTS Members as our 2014 Convention Car. (Lionel #58575)

Edelweiss Pic no background
Zephyr Car Cropped
Reading Cradle of Liberty 6-83862 Boxcar
6-83872 Meet Ore CarDouble
48-1801050 LOTS Woodstock Brewery Car Cropped
2003 Convention Car

2003: 900 PRR Operating Merchandise Service boxcars were produced for the 24th Annual Convention in Lancaster, PA. (Lionel #52281)

2004 Convention Car

2004: 705 Southern RR Operating Stock Car with pig sounds for the LOTS 25th Anniversary Celebration in Cincinnati, OH, formerly known as "Porkopolis". (Lionel 52342)

2005 Convention Car

2005: 472 Virginian Coal Cars with an ETD and 459 Virginian Coal Cars without an ETD were produced by Lionel to commemorate our 26th Annual Convention in Norfolk, VA.
(Lionel #52380 w/ETD and #52381)

Meet Car02

2006: 200 Refrigerator Boxcar blanks were ordered from Lionel and decorated by Weaver with the OSBC graphics as the LOTS 2006 Meet Car. Weaver numbered the cars 20061, 20062 and 20063 for LOTS so they would be unique. Cars were sold individually but most Members purchased all three so they would have a set.
(Lionel #52413)

2007 Convention Car

2007: 500 SP&S Boxcars were produced by Lionel to commemorate our 28th Annual Convention in Portland, OR. (Lionel 52425). 

2008 Convention Car2

2008: 1015 NYC Evans Auto-Loaders with Yat-Ming Studebaker Hawks were produced to commemorate our 29th Annual Convention in South Bend, IN. (Lionel #52474). 

2008 Banquet Car

2008: 25 NYC Evans Auto-Loader Convention Cars were over-stamped by LOTS Member Larry Smith with the lazy "S" logo in the center of the frame as the LOTS Banquet Car. Black and teal colored Hawks are from Yat Ming.

2009 Meet Car

2009: 500 Operating Radioactive Waste Removal cars were offered as our Meet Car for our 30th Annual Convention in Chattanooga, TN. - (Lionel #52552)

2010 Convention Car

2010: 500 New Haven State of Maine Double-Sheathed Boxcars were produced by Lionel commemorating our 31st Annual Convention in Hartford, CT. (Lionel #52566).

6-58508 Genesee Beer Car CatImage

2012: 525 Genesee Beer Double-Sheathed Boxcars were produced by Lionel commemorating our 33rd Annual Convention in Rochester, NY (Lionel #58508).


2013: 700 Union Pacific Maxi-Stacks were produced by Lionel commemorating our 34th Annual Convention in Reno, NV (Lionel #58508).

6-58566-LOTS-Mint-Car edited1

2013: 600 Virginia and Truckee Mint cars were offered to LOTS Members as our 2013 Extra Car.
(Lionel #58566)

6-58593-LOTS-DblShthBC Catalog ImageCropped

2014: 300 Porter Locomotive Works Parts Double-Sheathed Standard O boxcars cars were offered to LOTS Members as our 2015 Meet Car.
(Lionel #58593)

Tucker BC Cropped with text
6-83869 Rio Grande Maxi-StackCropped
6-58044 Operating Welding Car
48-1801030 Sam Adams Car

2004: 302 Santa Fe SD MAC 80's were produced by Lionel to commemorate the club's 25th Anniversary. (Lionel #52347)

2005 Extra Car

2005: 625 Santa Fe Extended Vision Cabooses were produced by Lionel to compliment the club's 25th Anniversary Engine and/or any Santa Fe Warbonnet engine in a person's collection. This caboose was the first caboose ever designed in the Warbonnet paint scheme.
(Lionel #52382).

2008 Extra Car

2008: 800 Santa Fe TOFCs with a matching tractor were offered as the fourth car in the LOTS' Santa Fe car series.
(Lionel #52523).

6-52590-LOTS-SF Mint Cropped

2011: 700 Santa Fe Mint cars were offered as the sixth car in the SF series set. (Lionel #52590)

2006 Extra Car

2007: 700 REA Boxcars we offered to LOTS Members to go with the 2004 Engine and 2005 Caboose. (Lionel #52477)

2010 Extra Car

2010: 700 Santa Fe 2-Bay Hopper cars were offered as the fifth car in the SF series set. (Lionel #52567)

SF Trans Car Photo by PSS

2012: 600 Santa Fe Transparent Boxcars were offered as the seventh car in the SF series set. (Lionel #52535)

Crane w SW background

2014: 625 Santa Fe Crane and Work Caboose sets were offered to LOTS Members as our 2014 Extra Car.
(Lionel #58594 & #58595)

6-83874LOTSSFeGndlaw-Cvrs cropped
LOTS 2016 SF Tank Car