Cris Matuszak
RM 1399

Just received my shark car, only about 18 months late. But I like aquarium cars. This car is great, even if it is a bit pricey at $249.00 MRSP. It’s got remote couplers. Why, I couldn’t guess but it is command-controlled. The Shark strip has an Odyssey system motor to regulate the speed. It also has the wavy glass (plastic) windows. The sounds are OK, water sloshing, a chomp, a scream and what sounds like a Valley girl saying something about a shark? But I think LIONEL missed the boat. They should have made a deal with Universal Pictures and had the JAWS music put on it. OK, now here is a challenge for all you computer people out there. How can we load that music on the chip? I know one of you will figure out a way and when you do, let me know. I want to be the second person with it. The colors are great, black and silver. I think it is a winner and it will make a great addition to my collection.