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The LOTS reference library is provided as a service to LOTS members, designed to assist them in the many operating and collecting aspects of Lionel trains.

Our library has books and references to help with the design and construction of home layouts, on such topics as wiring, scenery, bench work, track plans, and many others.

Also included are some classic and modern volumes on repairing and maintaining Lionel’s engines, rolling stock, and accessories. Once up and going, your layout will be brought to life with the super tips and tricks divulged by the authors of our operating guides.

Collectors also have access here to the Greenberg & TM Guides for most of Lionel’s products from 1900 on till today – the books considered the ‘encyclopedias” of Lionel trains. All available just for the shipping price!

The books are available on loan (you must be a LOTS member to request them!) at no charge to the member except the shipping cost when returning them.




  • How to Build Model Railroad Bench work, by Linn H. Westcott, 1979. From Kalmbach. 56 pages.


  • Model Railroad Bridges and Trestles, a compilation from Model Railroader, 1993. 152 pages.


  • The Authoritative Guide to Lionel’s Postwar Operating Cars, by Joseph Algozzini & Emanuel Piazza, 2005, 160 pages. Project Roar Publishing. Hundreds of photos of these beautiful postwar classics, with current prices and detailed variation descriptions.
  • Beginner’s Guide to Toy Train Collecting & Operating, by John Grams, 1991. Kalmbach. 96 pages
  • Greenberg’s Guide to Lionel Paper and Collectibles, by Robert J. Osterhoff, 1990. 182 pages.
  • Greenberg’s Guide to Lionel Trains, 1987-1995, the Richard Kughn era, by Mike Solly. 2002. 248 pages. All the details on the trains from the era that saved Lionel.
  • Greenberg’s Guide to Lionel Trains, 1970-1991, Vol I: Motive Power & Rolling Stock, by Roland LaVoie & Mike Solly. 1991. 336 pages. The encyclopedia of modern Lionel production.
  • Greenberg’s Guide to Lionel Trains, 1970-1991, Vol II, 1991. 192 pages. Sets & special production. Companion to Vol I.
  • Greenberg’s Guide to Lionel Trains, 1970-1997, Vol. III: Accessories. By Roland LaVoie, 1997. 156 pages. Details on the modern versions of Lionel’s famous accessories.

The postwar Greenberg’s Guides to Lionel Trains

  • Greenberg’s Guide to Lionel Trains, 1945-1969, Vol I: Motive Power & Rolling Stock.1990 and 1991 editions, 271 pages.
  • Greenberg’s Guide to Lionel Trains, 1945-1969, Vol II: Special topics, 1988, 153 pages
  • Greenberg’s Guide to Lionel Trains, 1945-1969, Vol III: Sets, by Paul Ambrose, 1990, 200 pages
  • Greenberg’s Guide to Lionel Trains, 1945-1969, Vol V: Rare & Unusual, by Paul Ambrose, 1993, 128 pages.
  • Greenberg’s Guide to MTH Trains, 1993-1999, pub 2000. By Dick Christianson, 144 pages.

The Lionel Guides from TM Productions:

  • Lionel Collectors Guide & History, Volume I, Prewar O Gauge, McComas & Tuohy, 1975, 110 pagesLionel Collectors Guide & History, Volume II, Postwar, McComas & Tuohy, 1976, 162 pages
  • Lionel Collectors Guide & History, Volume IV, The Archives, McComas & Tuohy, 1981, 100 pages
  • Lionel Collectors Guide & History, Volume V, 1970-1980, McComas & Tuohy, 1980, 136 pages


  • All Aboard! By Ron Hollander. The story of the Lionel Train Company. 1981. From Workman Publishing. 254 pages.
  • World’s Greatest Toy Train Maker: Insiders Remember Lionel, by Kalmbach’s Roger Carp, 1998. 112 pages.


  • How to Build Your First Lionel Layout, by Stan Trzoniec. 1994. 96 pages. Greenberg.
  • Great Toy Train Layouts of America, by McComas & Tuohy, 1987, 141 pages. TM Productions.
  • The Lionel Train Book, by Schleicher & Brady, Lionel, 1986, 131 pages


  • Complete Service Manual for Lionel Trains, by Aurotech, 1978. 732 pages. Compiled from the original Lionel Service Manuals from the 1940s-1960s.


  • Greenberg’s Model Railroading with Lionel Trains, by Roland E. LaVoie, 1991. 143 pages.
  • Greenberg’s Model Railroading with Lionel Trains, Volume II: An Advanced Layout, by John Kouba, 1993. 144 pages.
  • How to Operate Your Model Railroad, by Bruce Chubb, Kalmbach, 1977, 184 pages. Ideas for all scales.
  • Tips and Tricks for Toy Train Operators, by Peter H. Riddle, 2000, 96 pages. Kalmbach. More than 100 quick and simple ideas to make your railroading hobby easier.


  • Detailing Tips and Techniques from Model Railroader, 1994. 104 pages. Scenery articles compiled from Model Railroader magazine.
  • How to Build Realistic Model Railroad Scenery, by David Frary, 1991. 132 pages. Kalmbach.
  • Scenery for Model Railroads, by Bill McClanahan and Linn Westcott. 1990 ed. 104 pages. Kalmbach.


  • Creative Model Railroad Design, by John Armstrong. Kalmbach. 1990 ed. 123 pages. Multiple scales.
  • Greenberg’s Layout Plans for Lionel Trains, by Cliff Lang, 1988. 32 pages.
  • Layout Plans for Toy Trains, by Kalmbach’s Kent Johnson, 2002 70 pages.
  • The Lionel FasTrak Book, by Robert Schleicher, 2006, 158 pages. MBI Publishing. Use and care of Lionel’s newest track hardware.
  • Track Plans for Sectional Track, by Linn Westcott. 1991, 40 pages. From Kalmbach.
  • Walk-Around Model Railroad Track Plans, by Don Mitchell. 1991. 72 pages. Kalmbach.


  • Easy Electronics Projects for Toy Trains, by David Greenwald, 1997, 112 pages. Kalmbach. Thorough and easy-to-understand electronics enhancements for your layout.
  • Greenberg’s Wiring Your Lionel Layout � a Primer, by Peter H. Riddle, 1991. 80 pages.
  • Greenberg’s Wiring Your Lionel Layout, Vol. 2: Intermediate Techniques, by Peter H. Riddle, 1993. 80 pages.
  • Greenberg’s Wiring Your Lionel Layout, Vol. 3: Advanced Techniques Made Easy, by Peter H. Riddle, 1995. 96 pages.


Members interested in obtaining LOTS Reference Library books should write or email the LOTS Librarian to determine availability.

  • No deposits are required to borrow these books.
  • Members are expected to return them in good condition.
  • Postage to the borrower is paid by LOTS and the borrower will pay postage back to the LOTS library. Members should use UPS or registered mail when returning in order to assure traceability in the event of loss.
  • Books should be returned within 30 days of borrowing.

Request your book(s) from the LOTS Librarian by filling out the form below or writing to her:

Michael A. Solly, DM-1332
LOTS Librarian
2312 Snowflake Dr.
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Ph: 410-672-6699