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Joshua Dairy Farm Flatcar with Milk Container

Happy cows produce more milk! That’s no bull! Purchase the Joshua Dairy Farms Special flatcar with milk container, and offer premium Tennessee milk delivery to all the citizens of your layout. The LOTS 2023 Meet Car features striking graphics and colors that remind you of a delicious creamcicle! This “limited edition” Lionel-manufactured O-gauge flatcar with […]

LOTS 2023 Convention Car – Brushy Mountain Distillery Tank Car

Moonshine, whether legally or illegally produced, is as much a part of our Americana as baseball and drive-ins. As a result of the prohibition of alcohol in the early 1900s, production of moonshine or “homemade spirits” grew. Speakeasies needed a source of “adult beverages” to keep their customers happy! For 2023, LOTS is offering a […]