Joshua Dairy Farm Flatcar with Milk Container

Happy cows produce more milk! That’s no bull!

Purchase the Joshua Dairy Farms Special flatcar with milk container, and offer premium Tennessee milk delivery to all the citizens of your layout.

The LOTS 2023 Meet Car features striking graphics and colors that remind you of a delicious creamcicle! This “limited edition” Lionel-manufactured O-gauge flatcar with milk container is 11″ long and features separately applied handrails on the tank and die-cast trucks with operating couplers. It is designed to operate on O-27 or larger curves.

Cars are being sold First Come, First Served! Order yours now before they are GONE! 

SPECIAL OFFER – Order one Joshua Dairy Farm Special Flatcar with milk container and purchase the cars listed (pictured on the back cover of this issue of SWITCHER) at a discounted cost.  All cars other than the Joshua Dairy Farm Special Flatcar, will ship 5-7 business days after your order is processed.

Click here to order yours today!

Click Here for a printable order form.

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